Mannicures & pedicures in Essex

The Luxury Manicure/Pedicure offers relaxation, renewal and a major hydrating restorative treatment for nails, hand and feet. First, a warm softening soaks water. Hand/Toe nail cuticles are softened and access is removed, files, puss to improving the condition, shape and look of nails. Hard skin is removed and an intensive moisturiser is applied to dry areas. Then you will receive a wonderfully relaxing hand/foot and leg massages and finished with a colour of your choice. Plan on bringing sandals to ensure polish has time to dry completely.

How to Pedicure

  • Ask client to sit down on Luxury Pedicure chair and turn the back massage on upon their treatment
  • Use cotton ball with acetone and use it to remove any old colour. Shorten the length, shapes and files
  • Be careful not to cut the nails too short as this can cause ingrown toenails and can be quite painful. With the emery board, file the nail into a square shape
  • Apply cuticles remover at the base of each nail and put their foot in the spa for 5 mins.
  • Fill the pedicure with warm water to cover the feet. Soak for at least five minutes. And turn the Spa on
  • Use the cuticles pusher on each nail. Trims cuticles with cuticle nippers.
  • Use the nail buffer to smooth any roughness or ridges on the surface of the nails. Do the same with other foot
  • Put some exfoliater on the heel and use the cheese grip to rub down any dry-skin areas. Do the same with other fee
  • Dry both feet with clean hand towel
  • Apply a generous amount of lotion to the leg and feet, massaging it in and taking care to cover all the foot, especially the dry and flaky parts. Massage for 10 minutes, allowing your skin to soak in the soothing lotion
  • Finish with the chosen polish

Hand/ Toes Polish

  • Removed any colour on nail-beds. Ask what shape she wants
  • File, shapes and then puss the nail beds
  • Spray Water/Alcohol to clean dirt away from nail beds
  • Insert Toes separation if needed
  • Apply the base coat over each nail
  • Apply 2 coats of the nail colour
  • Apply the top coat on and leave the client feet to dry for 5 mins
  • Then spray the nails with the quick nail dry spray and leave further 2mins

After care

  • Wear glove when washing-up
  • Use hand cream before bed