• Please look after your own belongings during the time you are in the salon, we are not responsible for any losses or damages due to your negligence. Please remember no security guards are here to watch your belongings.
  • Please keep your bags, clothes, shoes, etc. far from possible wet areas such as around the pedicure chairs, nail stations, etc
  • Children must be accompanied and looked after at all times by an adult
  • Please use nearby public toilets. Our small toilet is not appropriate for public use
  • In the case of extra thick and hard skin on the feet, we will advise you to come back for further treatments to remove the rest of the hard skin. There will be an extra charge of £5 if you ask our staff to remove more hard skin and there may be a possibility of bleeding if you wish to remove more hard skin more than we advised you. We will not be responsible for such cases
  • If you are not happy with your current nail technician, please inform us and we will try to satisfy your demand


Our company always tries to satisfy customer and deal with any claims seriously. We are legally insured, therefore, any claims will be answered appropriately in accordance with our public liability insurance. Please do not ask for any compensation immediately from our staff. Our staff is prohibited to pay out any compensations directly
Please understand that, our Eden salons are in big shopping centers like Lakeside only. Therefore, we have many walk in clients daily. During busy time, clients without appointments will have to queue for the next available nail technicians to have their nails done. Priority will be given to clients who booked appointments at least 24 hours in advance. However, they may still expect to wait between 15 to 45 minutes for being served during busy time. Please inform us if you are not able to wait and we will reschedule for you

72 hrs fixing policy
When you come back with receipt, we will fix any errors happened within 72 hrs after clients left our salon. Beyond this time line, it is client’s responsibility to take care of their nails