Artificial nails, also known as fake nails, fashion nails, nail enhancements, or nail extensions, are coverings placed over finger nail-beds. Artificial nails are help stronger and the colors last 2-3 weeks.

Artificial nails in Lakeside



he artificial nails are not a replacement, but an extension for natural nails. There are two main approaches to creating artificial nails—tips and forms. Tips are made of lightweight plastic plates that are "nail"-shaped. They are glued on the end of the natural nail and gel or acrylic is then applied over the entire nail.

Tips are now available in many different colors and designs, ranging from simple colors such as pink or blue to flamboyant designs such as animal prints and mixed metallic colors. Forms are fitted over the nail and then an artificial nail is molded out of acrylic and the form is removed and then properly shaped and buffed to a shine. This can be called Structural nail. Powder Gel and Acrylics can be removed by using acetone. Usually it takes 15 to 20 minutes to remove the nail.

Another material, commonly called "UV Top Coat" (in correct chemical terms a polymer resin) hardens under ultraviolet light. Depending on brand these can show a broader variety of quality and properties (flexibility, strength, etc.) but may be more expensive. Gel lack/Shellac is available in a variety of colors. Color applies on real nail-beds. They last up to 2 weeks.

Health effects
Acrylic Nails help conceal or fix broken, damaged, short, or bad nails. It also helps prevent people from biting their nails, breakage of nails, and protect splits. This problem can be solved by using certain nail techniques such as nail tipping, sculptured nails, nail wrapping, Bio Gel or Gellac/Shellac 

Health Risks
If fitted properly, artificial nails are usually not problematic. However long term use and poorly fitted nails can seriously damage the nail bed and hamper natural nail growth 

Full Set After-Care
The full Set of Gel/Acrylic will last longer and reduce the lifting up when Clients wear glove when washing-up, cleaning or gardening to avoid discolour on nail beds after 2-3 weeks. Full set will go discolour when you go on sunbeds / self- tanning and cleaning. Infill will need 2-3 week times and the Full Set will last up 4-6 months onward. Some client’s Full Set can last up 9-12 months when they continue having infill with colour