What are Semi- permanent eyebrows?
Semi-Permanent eyebrows are last between 1-3 years, looking beautiful every morning without any make-up. The process itself is not really painful, depending on your pain level, but usually the pins are so thin and precise you'd feel only pinching. Semi Permanent eyebrows are done in a salon, you can get advice totally free from Mary on how to choose the colour and the shape of eyebrow that suit you best. My suggestion is to go with the brown-dark brown or black

Aftercare Eyebrow semi-tattooing

  • No Makeup, No Water, No Sun
  • For a week or so try not to wear any makeup, don’t use cleansers and do not go swimming or take saunas or go the spa. It’s also not a good idea to sunbed
  • If they hurt, use cold compresses or antiseptic cream to ease pain and swelling
  • If your eyebrow tattoo feels tight and gets dry and scabby that’s normal, but avoid the urge to scratch or pick. Use vaseline to moisturize
  • Don’t pull off scabs because you may remove part of the pigment with the scab
  • Use antiseptic cream that also moisturizes. Apply this with a sterile cotton swab few times a day. Do not rub or press the area too hard. Avoid pulling off scabs that begin to form,and try not to scratch
  • What you want to do is keep the eyebrow area clean, free of dirt or dust, out of the sun, and moist at all times  
  • 2-3 weeks. The eyebrow tattoo healing process is well under way, don’t forget to continue moisturizing every day, for a while keep them extra moist and if going in the sun, wear suncream. With or without an eyebrow tattoo you should never wash your face with soap but use a mild cleanser and warm water
  • The new eyebrow tattoos should last between 1-3 years or even longer depending on the shade of color

Eyebrow semi tattooing in Essex